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White noise generator circuit

white noise generator circuit

Clarification needed Reverse-biased semiconductor diode edit Reverse-biased diodes in breakdown can also be used as shot noise sources.
A pure white audio noise generator using an 8 pin PIC 12F675.
The chip was arranged to be as close a wwe 13able content codes replacement as possible notorious MM5837 digital noise generator which appears in early Korg MonoPolys, the Sequential Prophet 5, and the Oberheim OB-X, amongst others.
The mechanisms are the Zener effect and avalanche breakdown.This is audible, and has been described as sounding like a steam train puffing, rather than smooth white noise.A noise generator is a circuit that produces electrical noise (i.e., a random signal).Noise generators are used to test signals for measuring noise figure, frequency response, and other parameters.Pinout Diagram, more details, a potential pitfall, the chip uses both the internal oscillator and the internal mclr pullup.Motchenbacher Fitchen 1973,. .208,218 Motchenbacher Fitchen 1973,. .
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For higher power output noise generators, amplification is needed.Flicker (1/ f ) noise limited application at lower frequencies; electron transit time limited application at higher frequencies.The avalanche breakdown also has multistate noise.For a calibrated generator, care must be taken so that the shot noise dominates the thermal noise of the tube's plate resistance and other circuit elements.Model 349A also uses an argon tube in a coaxial configuration for frequencies from 400 to 4000 MHz." "Sylvania: 6D4 Miniature triode thyratron data sheet" (PDF).