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Vbscript msgbox yes no example

vbscript msgbox yes no example

LTrim (can also be called Left Trim) function removes the blank spaces from the left, ie the beginning of the string.
Consider a situation where you divx plus web player for windows vista have a drop down field in an application and you want to find out if a particular value is available in the drop down or not.
Delimiter is the character or string using which you want to split the main string.Value 0 indicates binary comparison and value 1 indicates textual comparison.Compare indicates the kind of sub-strings used while evaluating sub-strings.Syntax: Len(string with this function, you can directly pass a string as an argument or you can pass a variable also.So you can count the starting point.A string with 5 blank spaces.
The value -1 means that all the sub-strings will be returned.However, there are few more function which you would be using very rarely (or maybe not at all).String Function You can use the String function to create a repeating character string of a specified length.This would help you get a good grasp of the concepts discussed above.Do While sy eep 100, loop 'Wait for a good reference to the browser document.StrReverse Function StrReverse function in QTP can be used to create a reverse of a string.Note: This article is primarily targeted towards QTP beginners who have just started their journey with QTP and are not aware about the various inbuilt QTP and VBScript functions available for their use.When I started my journey with Test Automation and QTP, I started working on a project with very little exposure to QTP.So you can skip this article or can go through it as a quick refresher.