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Shrek 2 game demo

shrek 2 game demo

The engine was designed to efficiently handle both RTS and 3rd person views (it had a pretty decent terrain and model LOD system, stuff that's rare in RTS's which this demo exploits in a few places (like the flythrough sequence at the beginning).
Windows 7/8 serial windows 7 ultimate 32 bits 2014 using vmware 64 bit os support Direct3D.The CEO of Blue Shift was.There was no way we were going to start with the port as a base, so we completely dumped it and started over.Probably the first app to demonstrate rate distortion optimized DXTn compression.He proved that AoM could be played using a controller without too much friction.Finally, Angelo's team wrote a new RTS simulation engine optimized for Xbox 360, and David Bettner (who later created Words for Friends ) created the audio related tools and code.I'll put up some pics of this R D soon.Ensemble was the real deal, totally first class.It was running on a prototype AMD card that barely worked after it heated.We used this tech on all "large" objects (such as huge city buildings, walls, and entire levels) in the game.
I regret not taking better/more pictures.
After Shrek shipped, I realized that living and working in London, ON wasn't really my thing.
Most employees were laid off, and I saw the writing on the wall, so I formed my own company to continue my work in deferred rendering techniques.It was pretty cool, and something I guess I should have published. .Ensemble was one of the best studios I've ever worked at, and it still amazes me that MS closed the studio with seemingly so little thought to all the talent they spent untold millions recruiting, or the hundreds of millions (more than a billion?).Halo Wars Rendering Pics Here are some random pics of the engine's two layer depth of field system which I added in 2007 for our first public demo.This project contains my single C function inflator coroutine, which is neat, and the deflater's level 0 (real-time mode) is pretty well optimized.