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Science dictionary high school biology

science dictionary high school biology

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Hypotonic (762,976 views producer (655,613 views niche (632,905 views population (625,599 views).
Magnetic fields interact to produce a force of attraction or repulsion Malaria: A disease spread by mosquitoes which kills about.2 million people every year Malleable: Can be pounded and msi k9a platinum manual shaped without breaking Mantle: The part of Earth that is a mixture of liquid and.
Crop: A plant that is grown for food Crop Rotation: Method of farming where the same crop is not planted in the same place two years in a row; often, there is a 2 - 5 year rotation Crust: The outermost layer of Earth, containing.Plasmas are usually very hot and they glow.Mention the causes of each.Transcription: See "Genetic Transcription" Translation: See "Genetic Translation" Trial: A run of an experiment Tundra: One of Earth's biomes that has small plants (if any) and very cold temperatures; known as the cold desert Ultraviolet: A form of electromagnetic radiation that has more energy than.These things are usually in the same category.Cognitive psychology an approach to psychology that emphasizes internal mental processes animal psychology, comparative psychology the branch of psychology concerned with the behavior of animals child psychology, developmental psychology, genetic psychology the branch of psychology that studies the social and mental development of children differential.If you discover a term that you think should be in our dictionary, you can easily add it here.Immigration: The movement of an organism into an area Immunity: Ability to completely fight off disease Inadvertently: Unintentionally; usually because something was not taken into account Independent assortment: Refers to the genetic concept that genes separate independently of each other during meiosis Independent Variable:.
If you no longer have access to the e-mail address associated with your account, contact.The transition between the states occurs at definite temperatures and pressures.In biology, this refers to the ability of the environment to provide basic needs to the organisms that live there Survival of the Fittest: Theory in biology where the organisms that are best suited for their environment survive to reproduce Survive: In biology, this refers.To make your contribution, you must first create an account.Control: What is kept the same in an experiment Control Group: A group in an experiment that receives the normal condition (or lack) of the independent variable Controversy: An issue that has two or more supported viewpoints and is generally not agreed upon by everyone.