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Twenty-Nine Years Ago Lorelei Gaiden Lorelei is born.
Upon noticing they're Under the Mistletoe, Lorelei takes the initiative and kisses Frey.
Sixty-Six Years Ago, laramie Gaiden, leeroy Laramie is born.Frey's Charizard comes out of the fire, carrying the woman's daughter.She rejects their request for her help.Gardevoir explains that Ash looks a lot like their trainer, John Archer.He sets Charmander against his Nidoran.Tristan finds Joey and tries to apologise by giving Joey the egg.Despite his suspicions, he decides to follow him, at a safe distance in case he tries something.Giselle Interlude Ash and Misty give a Curb-Stomp Battle to every student before Giselle is called.The problem is brought up that most bloodliners in the present time are under the age of 16, and thus they cannot recruit them.Misty tells Ash off for bringing her to Cerulean, but understands why he did.Kukui leaves as soon as he learns that's not the case.
Back with Ash and Anabel, Ash shares his opinion that it's not right for them to find out if another is a Bloodliner unless they are the ones who want to share that knowledge.
Snivy then uses Leaf Storm, shocking the Samurai even more when she repeats the attack making it stronger instead of weaker thanks to her ability, Contrary.By this point, he has caught Scyther, Doduo, Nidorino, Sandshrew, Ekans, and a Psyduck.Gardenia realises it's the Old Chateau.Frax, Hau and Velvet then remembered that Hala's Grand Trial was going.Round Two: Ash's Squirtle defeats.J.'s Sandslash.Skyla delivers Christmas presents to Lentimas Town.