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Plugin hats cs 1.6

plugin hats cs 1.6

Hat_force 0# If set, this will be the model number of the hat that will be forced on everyone in the server.
(Modify the plugin to change the flag required to use them when enabled.Set to 0 to disable hat_glow 012 If set to 0, no hat glowing will be done by the plugin.If set to 1, the hat will take on the glow color of the player.Plugin Updated crazyeffect has created a nice compilation of currently created hats in this post if theory of cookery by krishna arora pdf you would like to save time digging through here to find them.Also, if you don't have a content host, either get one, or please start using less or smaller file sized models.Simply disabling the plugin will not remove the hats from the players).
Last edited by sgtbane; at 20:00.Amx_removehats, remove everyone's hat.I have joined a lot of servers that like to rename everything to something like l and l and crap like that.Hat_random 10 Randomly pick a hat for people as they join the server.Thanks to strika for noticing, and fysiks for repairing a major flaw in the plugin.If you didn't make the model, don't change its name.Code: CVars: hat_adminonly 10 If set to 1, Only admins can use hats.