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Peugeot 108 allure 1.2

peugeot 108 allure 1.2

Its relatively soft suspension allows the Peugeot to ride pretty well, too, although it sometimes gets choppy at speed.
Although the.2-litre version of the 108 is decidedly peppier and a less frustrating machine when youre pressing on, the difficulties of pedalling it smoothly around town do a lot of damage to the pleasure of driving what is otherwise a pleasingly characterful car.
Toyota.0-litre triple c arried over from the 107.
Turbo no, catalyst regularly, performance, topspeed (km/h) 0 Accel.Peugeot 108 Active.0 5dr Price mph.3sec Top speed 99mph Economy.7mpg (combined) C02 99g/km Kerb weight 855kg Engine type 3cyl, in line, 998cc petrol Power 68bhp at 6000rpm Torque 70lb ft at 4800rpm Gearbox five-speed manual.Wearing its makers rather traditional corporate façade gives the 108 the most conventional face of the Peugeot citroën toyota trio.Only details of the deal perhaps PCP crack motogp 3 untuk pc prices.If most of your driving is on back roads and motorways its worth the extra.Peugeot are not planning to introduce any diesel engines for the 108, it would be too expensive and doing so would price the 108 out of the competition.Peugeots 'Just Add Fuel' deal make a real difference between this and the rest.Those first generation cars were the result of the 'B-Zero' project - to develop a small city car that meets the demands of European urbanites, that's fun to drive and affordable to buy."Quite like that one says my missus, which regular readers arrow tv series episode 10 of this column (she's not one, thankfully) will know is pretty much peak effusiveness for her.The controls are pleasantly weighted, theres a pleasant ambience to the pleasantly spacious cabin, its pleasantly well-equipped, pleasantly economical to run and pleasantly cheap to buy.No honestly, I'm not just making it up for the purpose of copy, I do have a few standards and a bit of integrity, honest.
As is the option of a large electric fabric sunroof called Top (a choice oddly not available on the priciest Feline a selection of optional dashboard finishers for higher-end models and a variety of decal customisation packages.
Gone is the slightly utilitarian feel of the previous generation, which always felt like its componentry weighed around 80 percent of what was actually required.It appears usefully earlier, too, at 2750rpm rather than a late-in-the-day 4800rpm, the result being a 0-62mph time.0sec rather than.3sec.Much of the interior is constructed from hard plastics, although the white center-dash surround is made from better quality plastics.Prices for the 108 start from 8k and range up to 12k for top spec 3 door models, expect to pay on average around 1k extra for 5 door versions and just under an additional 1k for the semi-convertible Top!And thats the word that perfectly sums up the Peugeot 108; its pleasant.To put it into perspective you can get 40mpg from a V8 powered.Release date average dsl speed 2012 june 2014, end date still available, engine, cylinders 3, in line, valves per cylinder.Our model had a colour reversing camera too, though were not sure its entirely needed on a car stretching out at less than.5 metres long.Not comfortable but not intrusively uncomfortable, you get used.