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Optical information processing in bose-einstein condensates

optical information processing in bose-einstein condensates

To investigate, we must create a nero 5 serial number BEC using one of two techniques: magnetic confinement, or carbon dioxide lasers.
(accessed February 14, 2008).
7 She was also awarded tenure in 1999, and is now Mallinckrodt Professor of Physics and Applied Physics at Harvard.
We'll talk about the work and its potential applications in information processing.Energy Science FAS Registrar's Office".Keywords, cavity QED Bose-Einstein Condensate Quantum Information Processing.Vestergaard Hau, Observation of interaction dynamics in finite-temperature Bose condensed atom clouds.Nature 450, 272 (2007) ADS CrossRef Google Scholar.Byrnes, Fractality and macroscopic entanglement in two-component Bose-Einstein condensates.
The prize of 1 million kroner is in connection with the 200 year anniversary of brewer.C."Detection and quantized conductance of neutral atoms near a charged carbon nanotube".When this control beam is turned off and the light pulse disappears, the 'matter copy' remains.74, 3138 (1995 Supersymmetry and the Binding of a Magnetic Atom to a Filamentary Current A new atomic beam source: The "candlestick" Phys.The Nano-Lectures: Lene Hau Light at Bicycle Speed.and Slower Yet!Complex laser-magnetic interaction systems are required to significantly cool a relatively large number of atoms to almost absolute zero.Hannford, Asymmetrical two-dimensional magnetic lattices for ultracold atoms.