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Ni labview 2012 tutorial

ni labview 2012 tutorial

Make sure that Labview is started and so that you see the Getting Started window.
Move your cursor to age of empires patch the block diagram.
To create the indicator for the value of "c" select "Num Inds" in the Express window and then drag a numeric indicator, labeled "Num Ind" to your front panel.Online Help Resources, knowledgeBase and forums, getting Additional Help help from a Labview expert.Now we need to add the code to make the program take the values of "a" and "b" and compute "c".Move your cursor over to the front panel.The next step is to take the square root of a2 and b2 and you can do this by right clicking on the block diagram, select mathematics, select numeric, and then drag the square root icon to the block diagram.This course assumes that you have never written a computer program, but you'll start programming right away!When you move the cursor to the right of the control a roll of wire will appear and you want to hold the mouse and drag it to the left of the square function.You want to add an "add" function to the block diagram and you can do this by right clicking on it, selecting Mathematics, clicking on numeric, and then dragging the "add" icon to the block diagram.We are going to start learning how to program in Labview by writing a program that will calculate the hypotenuse of a right triangle.We will add the code to this now.Programming in Labview, data Structures arrays, clusters, and enumerated data.
There is a single output from the add function and you want to drag that to the input of the square root function.
Right click on the front panel screen and a control window similar to the window below will come.This exercise is recommended after completing the modules found in the Learn Labview section.You can check to see if it is installed game ban ga tren win 7 by going to Start»All Programs»National Instruments»Labview 2010.In the Express section of this window there are two buttons that we will expand: The "Num Ctrls" contains all of the numeric controls available to you and "Num Inds" contains all of the numeric indicators.Right click on the front panel screen and a control window similar to what is below will come.