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New english file elementary test booklet

new english file elementary test booklet

6 Is your brother _ macdrive 9 for windows 7 64 bit actor?
2 What do you do?
7Is your house near the city centre?
Its His Her 6.My names Carmen GarcĂ­a and Im a student at Kings School, which is a language school in Glasgow.CAre I in Room 7?1 _ they live in France?5 Complete the chart.8 We _ Spanish.1 Its the Bens / Bens brother._ name is James.The fast food restaurant across the road and then eats at his 4 What do you always do?BWhat are your name?
A she Bi t C they Possessive adjectives Tick the correct answer A, B,.
Goes does finishes 4 I _ a shower every morning.
Listening total 10 Listening total 10 Speaking total 15 Speaking total 15 Listening and Speaking total 25 Listening and Speaking total 25AK Student EAK Student B1 Ask your partner these questions.8 6 I often _ up early on Saturdays.A True B False 3 Where are you from?5 start wake go 8 Underline the stressed syllable.5 A Japan B Japon C Jappan Grammar and Vocabulary total 505 Theyre from Britain.3 journalist John Mary coffee 4 Mike Sue Helen Jack Paul 5 5 Tom David Sally Sam winrar 4.20 full version for windows 7 64 bit Tina Example: John is Marys husband.5 The students are from different countrys / countries.5 I work in a restaurant.A True B False C Doesnt say 7 Harrys restaurant is in Brighton.2 Where are you from?