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Msa manual 4th edition pdf

msa manual 4th edition pdf

The most common situation involving the use of different instruments is the case where the instrument used at the supplier has higher order discrimination than the production instrument (gage).
Chapter I Section C Measurement Strategy and Planning 27 A measurement plan, a list of measurement types, comes out of this investigation.
Generally MAPs will include verification of a measurement systems results through a secondary independent measurement of the same feature or parameter.
Also, the method of measurement may change from a CMM measurement, to some form of attribute gaging.4 See the Potential Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (fmea) Reference Manual 4th Edition.To assure that their reference standards are properly calibrated and directly traceable to the standards maintained by the NMI.How are measurements taken?Four rules of the funnel experiment are: Rule 1: Make no adjustment or take no action unless the process is unstable.This document is not intended to be a compendium of analyses for all measurement systems.Chapter I Section B The Measurement Process 24 Other examples of the funnel experiment are: Recalibration of gages based on arbitrary limits.e., limits not reflecting the measurement systems variability.At setup, suppose the process is operating.95 grams accelerator plus premium serial key but due to measurement error the operator observes.85 grams.But it is the statistical properties of the data produced that determine the quality of the measurement system.10 See Appendix B for formulas and graphs.OrgT June 2010.
Although the guidelines are general enough to be used for any measurement system, they are intended primarily for the measurement systems used in the industrial world.This understanding is derived from accurate timely communication between the two parties.This risk will be reduced if frequent, detailed communication is maintained and documented between the customer and supplier and formal responsibility (an individual) for maintaining communication is designated 15 See Chapter I, Section B outputinput measurement process.Before a customer asks a supplier to suggest solutions to process problems, the foundation and intent of the process needs to be thoroughly understood and anticipated by the team that owns that process.Simple measuring tools and devices (i.e., scales, measuring tapes, fixed-limit or attribute gages) may not require the level of management, planning, or analysis that more complex or critical measuring systems demand (i.e., master or reference, CMM, test stand, automated on- line gaging, etc.).The acquisition process begins with the customers formal presentation of the intent of the project in the form of a Request For" (RFQ) followed by the suppliers formal explanation of their proposal to meet this intent (the"tion).Although the specific causes will depend on the situation, some typical sources of variation can be identified.