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Last chaos 777 kd hack

last chaos 777 kd hack

22:09 mirage maybe or train 22:12 Both these teams only really show up on Mirage and CLG are better.
That stairs smoke was sooo clever.There's no Kazakh terminology for CS GO, sadly we interact with russian players a lot, and influenced a lot.They are horrible online and lose all their games 20:02 3 lans before them ; 20:31, finally cutler has meet his own match,.Just NA things Nothing to say 23:15 Next level stupidity 23:16 1 gun round D holy fuck 23:15 so fcking ez kinguin 23:18 I never seen more bad play on TOP scene than now by CLG 23:17 CLG on TOP scene?08:46, cLG is 1-4 recently that is just a slump they don't need to disband.Edit: Kinguin's top-steps smoke on that 8th round execute is such a clever modification.
They have to beat navi at game command n conquer home or lose to random team in online.23:29 polish teams play only on lans, they dont give a fck in online 23:30 NA CS LUL get rekt by hYpErrrrrrrrrr 23:31 Space Soldiers can beat CLG with 16-0 23:36 poland always rekt us 00:24 Kinguin wasnt even supposed to be at this event.No way tier 4 team that lose to tier5 teams to play so good.NA :D 23:11 Kinguin such a good team aim speak english like an american amy gillett tactics ez Hyperdaddy 23:12 since when are CLG this terrible 23:12 Trash tier eu team wrecks top3 na team classic 23:12 Playing with awp from underpalace.Kinguin is 1-9 in last 10 maps and has looked horrible since early 2016 and needs to disband michu is being wasted 22:05.Well played 23:24 Stop invite NA teams pls 23:25 NA should play pubg instead.