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Ibm tivoli storage manager clients

ibm tivoli storage manager clients

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Components.
Number of nodes per platform - TSM version 5 and 6 tsm: server1 select platform_name, count from nodes group BY platform_name platform_name Unnamed AIX 20 Linux86 36 TDP Domino 2 TDP mssql Win32 1 WinNT 100.Copypool 13362.51 14672.13 1309.Some information about backup copy group - TSM version 5 and 6 tsm: server1 select - from bu_copygroups domain_name SET_name class_name verexists verdeleted retextra retonly destination AIX active MC_AIX_daily AIX_daily AIX active MC_AIX_TDP nolimit nolimit 15 15 AIX_daily AIX standard MC_AIX_daily AIX_daily AIX standard MC_AIX_TDP.It is recommended to upgrade to either v7 or v8 versions of the IBM Spectrum Protect Server and Storage Agent to maintain support and platform concurrency for operating systems and related tools and libraries.Volume_name, gpool_name, ate, drmedia.So as my gift to my readers I will try to clear it early.Information about drives x paths - TSM version 5 and 6 tsm: server1 select urce_name, brary_name,.drive_name,.drive_serial, vice from drives a, paths b where stination_name source_name library_name drive_name drive_serial device TSM01 L3584 drive1 000785yyxx /dev/rmt0 TSM01 L3584 drive2 000785yyxx /dev/rmt61 TSM01 L3584 drive3 000785yyxx.BA Client must be installed on every server to be backed up or archived by TSM.A loss of database usually mean a full loss of backed up archived data.If you are a GUI lover then this is the interface for you.32-bit Version.5,.1, and.2 unix and Linux clients must be uninstalled before installing the equivalent Version.3 or higher 64-bit clients.
Dsm: to call the BA Client GUI.
OK, these were the main management interfaces in TSM.Opt object_ID: 8395325 backup_date: 19:02:35.000000 deactivate_date: owner: root class_name: default node_name: MY_node filespace_name: /opt filespace_ID: 6 state: inactive_version type: file HL_name: /tivoli/tsm/client/ba/bin/ LL_name: dsm.This configuration is supported as long as the older version is supported.You can also use lower function - TSM version 5 and 6 tsm: server1 select * from backups where node_name'node_123' and upper(filespace_name OPT' and upper(ll_name S' node_name: node_123 filespace_name: /opt filespace_ID: 6 state: inactive_version type: file HL_name: /tivoli/tsm/client/ba/bin/ LL_name: s object_ID: backup_date: 09:16:59.000000 deactivate_date: 12:06:04.000000.Number of nodes per TSM client version - TSM version 6 only tsm: server1 select - as TSM_Client_Version, count as number_nodes from nodes group BY - TSM_client_version number_nodes.1.4-0.1.5-0.2.0-0.2.1-1.2.2-0.2.2-2.2.4-0 219.2.5-0.3.0-6.Weekofmonth from associations associations, - client_schedules client_schedules where main_name client_main_name - AND hedule_name client_hedule_name order BY de_name, - main_name, hedule_name domain_name: AIX node_name: server-01 schedule_name: serv01_ARC_APP_weekly description: Archive Weekly action: archive options: -archmcMC_AIX_weekly objects: /app2/ priority: 5 startdate: starttime: 06:01:00 duration: 1 durunits: hours period.Some information about paths - TSM version 5 and 6 tsm: server1 select - device from paths source_name source_type destination_name destination_type library_name device TSM-server library /dev/smc0 TSM-server1 server drive paypal money hack 2013 for /dev/rmt0 TSM-server1 server drive /dev/rmt1 TSM-server1 server drive /dev/rmt2 TSM-server1 server drive /dev/rmt3 Some information about.