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Gparted iso for ubuntu

gparted iso for ubuntu

Remove the Recovery partition that came with your computer and extend your OS partition to take advantage of darpa anti-submarine warfare game that extra space (but be warned, only do this if you have an OS CD on hand for re-installation.) If you recently bought a bigger hard drive.
As always back up your data before messing with your partitions.
Credit: Ubuntu Kung.
I look forward to the conversation, as always.First we select /dev/sda2 which is the extended partition containing the swap, we want to expand this to include the 10gb of unallocated space.It will show you the hard drives and their partitions.If youve got an Ubuntu live CD kicking around you can also use that to run GParted but its far bigger than both disks.Make a note of that.Another such tool is Partition Manager, a program weve featured in the past, create Resize Windows Partitions with Free PartitionManager.You can also adjust the time to delay the boot so that you have appropriate time to select that you want to boot from CD, in the below image this is set to 5 seconds, and force to boot into bios is enabled so that.I have also selected for the boot options to be presented on the next boot so that I can select to boot into the ISO easier.
Go ahead and download an ISO or have a CD mailed to you free of charge.
What Gparted Can Do, fire up GParted and youll see your primary drive, ready to be altered.Booting into the GParted Live.I have performed this method on a 400gb server in the past and to increase it 100gb took approximately 5 hours.If you need to rearrange your hard drive this is what youre looking for, and its completely free.You can also use the command sudo fdisk -l.There are 2 things in the above output that will help you do that- the product and the size.Once complete you will be presented with the GUI with GParted already open, if it is not already open you can select it from the Desktop condition zero cd key keygen icon.