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English pronunciation practice for spanish speakers

english pronunciation practice for spanish speakers

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Such a sound may be heard from English speakers when, as is quite often the case in rather hurried articulation, the word able is pronounced.The English consonant / corresponds in sound quality exactly to the Spanish d at the ends of words or within them but adjacent to an /n/ or /l/ the Spanish phoneme takes a plosive form like English /d/.Spanish speakers may make this vowel too forward and therefore too much like / e / or / e /.Like / e / it has most often its smoothed version unless it's stressed and comes immediately before a break in rhythm.But even if you dont you can still sound good.Instant sound, pronunciation samples by over 40 native speakers.The Simple Vowels, the following remarks deal with the problems which native speakers of Spanish are likely to experience with the English vowels.A minority have a neutral rather than a dark /l/ (centralised) but to have a really light (palatalised) value is to sound quite abnormal.The General British Diphthongs.
So Spanish speakers have to be particularly careful not to substitute /d/ for initial th - when saying eg in that, on the, when they, although, tell them etc.
The GB diphthong / / as in join is rarely problematical.But remember, for these exercises to be effective you must speak out loud, at normal conversational volume.This latter smoothed value is used by almost all speakers unless stressed and immediately before a break in rhythm.Ver más información en español?All four of /, /and / / are markedly rounded in English: Spanish speakers occasionally fail to make them rounded enough especially in palatal contexts eg as in cheap, cheese and chin.The sound of a single Spanish r between vowels is completely regularly an alveolar tap.Thats one of the reasons that Spanish words are spelled exactly how they sound.The GB diphthong / e / as in page has a Spanish equivalent so that it should give no trouble if sufficiently short notably before sharp consonants.It is usually, but by no means always, a fairly long vowel so that, given the typically short value of the qualitatively comparable Spanish vowel, it may sound markedly brisk or clipped and possibly uncomfortably like the more regularly short English vowel phoneme /.With that confidence, you will progress much more quickly.