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Darpa anti-submarine warfare game

darpa anti-submarine warfare game

According to Leidos, the actuvs modular design allows it to not only carry out anti-submarine warfare operations, but to be refitted for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance missions.
As part of presto pvr 5.72 03 serial number the darpa program, the national security, health and engineering company Leidos is currently building an actuv capable of autonomously tracking diesel submarines at extreme depths for months on end."actuv's advanced sensor technology should allow for continuous surveillance which, combined with the vessel architecture and design, is expected to provide autonomous safe navigation supporting Navy missions around the world says Leidos Group President, John Fratamico.The agencies debut the first prototype last April, christening it the Sea Hunter.However, for all of the advances in sensing, autonomy, and unmanned platforms in recent years, the usefulness of such technology becomes academic when faced with the question, How do you get the systems there?Even robotic seamen are cheaper than their human counterparts.Construction is scheduled to take 15 months with the launch on the Columbia River set for 2015.Thats why countering this advantage by locating and tracking enemy submarines even in peacetime is a major job for naval forces around the world.
The ship will be able to fulfill its missions autonomously and still comply with maritime laws.
Its a task so vital, yet so time consuming and expensive, that it once employed almost the entire Royal Navy during the Cold War, so its no wonder that automating sub hunting is a high priority.
Darpa expects the Sea Hunter will have a daily operating cost around 20,000, compared to that of a fully manned Navy warship, which can cost about 700,000 per day.A 132-foot autonomous submarine known as the Sea Hunter successfully completed its first performance test this week off the coast of San Diego, keeping it on course to enter the Navy fleet by 2018.For the first few tests, a pilot has to remain on the ship, but in upcoming trials the craft will cruise without any human assistance.In addition, the vessel is able to report back on the situation and its condition and has computers programmed to identify other vessels and predict what they will do next.Almost the only thing that justifies the expense and skill needed to operate a naval submarine is its ability to disappear underwater and operate invisibly.Today, cost and complexity limit the Navy to fewer weapons systems and platforms, so resources are strained to operate over vast maritime areas.According to a statement from Leidosthe company developing the Sea Hunterthe vessel surpassed all performance objectives for speed, maneuverability, stability, seakeeping, acceleration/deceleration, and fuel consumption.