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Cs 1.6 cfg aim script

cs 1.6 cfg aim script

3 0 0;recoil.7;spreadvar 0 alias FuriousAug "hitbox 11;avclear;avadd 0 3 1 1;avadd 1 3 0 0;recoil.6;spreadvar 0 alias FuriousGun "hitbox 11;avclear;avadd 0 3 1 0;avadd.6 0 0;recoil.1;spreadvar 0 alias FuriousScout "hitbox 11;avclear;avadd 0 2 1 0;avadd.7 0 0;recoil.9;spreadvar 0 alias FuriousAwp "hitbox 7;avclear;avadd 0 0 1 0;avadd 1 0 0 0;recoil.9;spreadvar 0 alias FuriousShotgun "hitbox 7;avclear;avadd 0 0 1 0;avadd 1 0 0 0;recoil.0;spreadvar 0 alias FuriousMp5 "hitbox 11;avclear;avadd 0 3 1 0;avadd 1 3 0 0;recoil.3;spreadvar 0 alias FuriousGalil "hitbox 11;avclear;avadd 0 3 1 0;avadd 1 2 0 0;recoil.5;spreadvar 0 alias FuriousFamas "hitbox 11;avclear;avadd 0 3 1 0;avadd 1 2 0 0;recoil.45;spreadvar 0 /Hitbox Head (reverse aiming) alias invFuriousM4a1 "avclear;avadd 0 0.0;avadd 1 0.0;recoil.4;spreadvar 0 alias invFuriousAk "avclear;avadd 0 0.0;avadd 1 0.0;recoil.6;spreadvar.1 alias invFuriousSig "avclear;avadd.7.0;avadd.7.0;recoil.5;spreadvar 0 alias invFuriousAug "avclear;avadd.6.0;avadd.6.0;recoil.6;spreadvar 0 alias invFuriousGun "avclear;avadd.6.0;avadd.6.0;recoil.1;spreadvar 0 alias invFuriousScout "avclear;avadd.8.1;avadd.8.1;spreadvar 0 alias invFuriousAwp "avclear;avadd 0 0.0;avadd 1 0.0;recoil.3;spreadvar 0 alias invFuriousShotgun "avclear;avadd 0 -4.0;avadd 1 -4.0;recoil.0;spreadvar 0 alias invFuriousMp5 "avclear;avadd.5.0;avadd 1 3.0;recoil 2;spreadvar 0 alias invFuriousGalil "avclear;avadd 0 2.0;avadd 1 2.0;recoil.5;spreadvar 0 alias invFuriousFamas "avclear;avadd 0 2.0;avadd 1 2.0;recoil.45;spreadvar 0 /AK alias ak "avadd 0 21.51.11 -2.6" alias ak1 "avadd 1" alias ak2 "avadd 2" alias ak3 "avadd 3" alias ak4324 1;nospread 2;recoil.710201" /Ak alias f "avadd 0" alias fa "avadd 1" alias far "avadd 2 12 8 2" alias ak3 "avadd 3" alias fart 0" /AK alias ak "avadd 0" alias ak1 "avadd 1" alias ak2 "avadd 2" alias ak3 "avadd 3".
CFG starix.6, cFG tafa (Taufiq Khidri) kalle - Karl-William Haraldsen, cFG MaT (Mathieu Leber).Mouse Pad: No mouse pad found!CFG 4Kings g, cFG BASiC (Kimmo Fagerholm cFG XeqtR (Jørgen Johannessen cFG ART (Artur Tihanov).Power Supply: No power supply found!Overall there are 6975 cs game files for download.File Name: StyleN AIM CFG cfg, country: Last Update:, downloads: 5174, description: Cfg Created total by StyleN - Aim almost 100 (Scripts) - Aim settings for Steam / NonSteam / Cracked Steam all versions of Non Steam CS!CFG eSrael, cFG threat (Björn Pers) g, cFG barbarr (André Möller cFG kiokeN (Aleksey Lagutin).Hard Drive: No hard drive found!
Alias n0b0b "n0b0b0n" alias n0b0b0n "cl_rollangle 0;cl_rollspeed 0;cl_bob 0;cl_bobcycle 0;cl_bobup 0;dev1;echo n0b0b EN4bled;developer ;alias n0b0b n0b0b0ff" alias n0b0b0ff "cl_rollangle 450;cl_rollspeed 450;cl_bob.01;cl_bobcycle.8;dev1;echo n0b0b D1sabled;developer ;alias n0b0b n0b0b0n" bind kp_end "n0b0b" /Silentrun alias sw "forward" alias -sw "-forward" alias swon "bind w sw" alias swoff "bind w forward" bind F2 swon bind F3 swoff echo silentrun f2 on f3 off echo The New Spectator Hack.0 Loaded!
Violence_ablood "1" violence_hblood "1" violence_agibs "0" bamini tamil typing keyboard violence_hgibs "0" bind "mouse1" "attack; impulse102". .
Comment on StyleN AIM CFG Counter-Strike.6 cfg.Mouse: No mouse found!StyleN AIM CFG cs cfg settings download.Setinfo vgui_menus" "0". .Bind "e" "use; impulse 101; mlook. .