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Convert 1 2/10 to a decimal

convert 1 2/10 to a decimal

Just write down the whole number (2 in the case.13) followed by a single fraction - the numerator comprises the digits to the right of the decimal point (13.13's case) - the denominator depends on the least place value - the.
The decimal can also define as a fraction with the denominator of 10 or multiples.
The fractions can be denoted as fracab, where a, b are integers; also b neq.Step 2: Let us suppose the number of digits to the right of decimal.10.2 1 2/10.e. .10 3/100.1.2 is equal to the mixed fraction (whole number fraction) 1 2/10.The answer should.625, to convert a Fraction to a Decimal manually, follow these steps: Step 1 : Find a number you can multiply by the bottom of the fraction to make it 10, or 100, or 1000, or any 1 followed.You probably wouldn't have time in an exam to break down a decimal into a whole number plus tenths (1/10s hundredths (1/100s) and/or thousandths (1/1000s then convert to a whole number plus single fraction!Solved Examples Question 1: Convert.7777.First we will recall what decimals and fractions are.
An easy way to convert decimal to fraction!
All integer operations can be done on fractions.Solution: Let.2424 Step 1: Multiply x by 100 Then 100x.2424 Step 2: Subtract x from 100x 100x -.2424 -.2424 99x 24 Step 3: Divide both sides by 99 x frac2499 which on simplification gives frac833 Hence.2424.Multiply frac610 by 2, frac6times210times2 frac1220.6 frac610 frac1220, we can find more equivalent games for mac os x 10.6 fraction.In order to do so, one needs to count how many digits are there on the right side of the decimal.0.1 equals the proper fraction (numerator less than denominator) 1/10.Frac12times520times5 frac60100.6 frac610 frac1220 frac60100, step 3: Multiply and divide.6 by 10,.6 frac1010 frac0.6*1010 frac610.6 as the fraction frac610.Then write down just the top number, putting the decimal point in the correct spot (one space from the right hand side for every zero in the bottom number).