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Aliases and redirects can now be separately enabled for the stardock windowblinds 8 crack SSL and non-SSL websites of a virtual server.
When a mailbox user is delete, his Dovecot index and control files are removed too in order to avoid clashes with future users with the same name.
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When the SSL certificate for a domain is changed, any domains which shared the old cert but cannot use the new one will be switched to a copy of the old cert file.Ubuntu1) additional terminal type definitions needrestart (0.5-1) universe check which daemons need to be restarted after library upgrades netbase (5.2) Basic TCP/IP networking system netcf (1:0.2.3-4ubuntu1) universe programs for the netcf library netenv (0.94.3-30) universe Configure your system for different network environments (0.3.3-2) universe Commandline.Click here to watch it ebook como ganhei na lotofacil now.Any Video Converter is an all-in-one video converting tool featuring an easy-to-use graphical interface and fast converting speeds with excellent video quality.Backported the simpler alias editing form from Virtualmin Pro, which makes it quicker to setup autoreponders and forwarders.When using Postfix with the sender_bcc_maps directive, a new option on the Module Config page can be used to allow BCCing all sent email in some or all domains to a separate address.
A virtual server can now be created without a Unix user or without a home directory, if it is used for aliasing or DNS hosting only.
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Jump to: navigation, search, / Err?(none Reinst-required (Status, Err: uppercasebad) / Name Version Architecture Description - ii 2ping.0-1 all Ping utility to determine directional packet loss ii adduser.113nmu3 all add and remove users and groups ii apmd.2.2-14b1 powerpc Utilities for Advanced Power.When a virtual server is disabled, all extra admin logins are disabled too.Updated the Default domain owner limits section of the Server Templates page to add defaults for the 'Can choose database names' and 'Can rename domains' options.When creating a virtual server inside a Solaris zone, existing virtual IPs in the zone can be selected for domains that need a private.When restoring a backup, the home directory of any virtual servers created is re-allocated to use the directory and rules defined best disk space analyzer windows 7 on the destination system.Records can now be manually edited by the master admin on the DNS Records page, in bind record format.All operations performed by Virtualmin on files in a domain's home directory are now done with the user's permissions, to prevent attacks involving a malicious symbolic or hard link.