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LAT, 11/11/67 In December 1965, Hayden, along with professors Staughton Lynd (Yale) and Herbert Aptheker (American Institute for Maxist Studies) had made a private trip to Hanoi on a "fact finding mission." The junket was made without State Department approval.
Main: KF1297.C4 S381 1986 moffitt: KF1297.C4 S38 1986 Takin' it to the Streets: A Sixties Reader.
Bob Hope, representing the Hollywood Old Guard, prods Frank Sinatra into reading a hastily written statement apologizing for "political references made on the program." LAT, 4/10/75 Hearts and Minds Media Resources Center DVD 1184 April 30, 1975: The government in Saigon announces its unconditional surrender.82 Anti-war/Political Activism 1965: A California poll reveals that the majority of cd regis danese tudo novo playback those queried disapprove of UC political demonstrations ( LAT.April 15, 1967 Spring Mobilization to End the War, San Francisco (API).Linder Yippie publicity film unknown Listen to Jerry Rubin addressing a Yippie rally in Chicago (August 1968) unknown FBI file on Abbie Hoffman 1968 The War Anti-War/Political Activism The War January 21, 1968: North Vietnamese troops surround the Khe Sanh combat base and begin.Anyone who was grabbed." The following day, Wald realized, like many of her fellow activists, that this was repression at its most raw.NYT, 3/27/64 May 4, 1964: Trade embargo imposed on North Vietnam in response to attacks from the North on South Vietnam.
Mission with LeMay: My Story.
Marc Coleman's Nonviolent Attack on the Oakland Draft Center, September 1971 Member of the Berkeley Peace Brigade discusses his efforts to set up an anti-draft table in front of the local draft Board.
197 people (including reporters from several national newspapers and magazines) are arrested.Kennedy and Lyndon.The World Boxing Association revokes his title and license.Zip CD Box Labeler Pro v6 by fallen.November 1, 1963: With tacit approval of the United States, operatives within the South Vietnamese military overthrow South Vietnamese government.